Cut Canvas Creative has been an essential communications partner since I began in 2012 as Italy’s Consul General in San Francisco. The blog they created and produce for me is a success and has become a go-to hub for the Italian community in the Bay Area. The videos and photos they produce are also spectacular. I’d recommend Cut Canvas Creative to anyone looking for high quality, speed and unfailing customer service.
— Mauro Battocchi, Italian Consul General in SF

When Italian Consul General Mauro Battocchi was assigned to San Francisco in 2012, he needed a digital campaign to engage the tech-savvy constituents in the Bay Area. After a few meetings with Cut Canvas Creative, we landed on the solution: a content-rich blog that would form the backbone of the Italian American connection in San Francisco. Cut Canvas Creative has produced over 1000 articles for the blog, which enjoys thousands of visits a month.

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